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Did you know that there is a shortage of teachers in Australia?  That’s why there’s never been a better time to find


Permanent, temporary, casual, and
contract teaching positions in all kinds of schools
in metropolitan, rural, remote, and coastal regions
throughout Australia


There are other books and websites about teaching in Australia.  The problem is that none of them take a comprehensive overview of the subject.  Teaching Australia Ebook is different.  It contains detailed information on the requirements for becoming a qualified teacher in Australia as well as the requirements for migrating to Australia. It provides all the crucial information that you need to establish if Teaching in Australia is an option for you.

Teaching Australia Ebook is a comprehensive guide that provides everything you need to know about teaching in Australia.  It is suitable for qualified teachers as well as those who want to train as teachers to work in Australia. 


Always Up-to-Date
Teaching Australia Ebook is not a general guide that was written years ago.  It is brand new with highly specific details on how to access current teaching vacancies in all areas of Australia.  It is also regularly updated with changes in immigration laws, websites, contact details and other vital information for current and future teachers.


Based on Reality, Not Theory

Teaching Australia Ebook was created by a team of experts at Commonwealth Immigration Consultants, a Cambridge-based firm of international immigration specialists. For more than a decade, Commonwealth Immigration has helped people from the UK and many other countries, find happiness in Australia. 

“We have been extremely satisfied with the level of service provided by Commonwealth Immigration. In fact, suffice to say we’ve found you to be faultless in all aspects of assisting our application" -- Denis Waters and Karoline Densley, migrated from the UK to Gold Coast, Australia

"We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us. The quality of advice given was second to none. I’m glad that we chose you to help us" -- Ian and Olivia Adams, migrated from Northern Ireland to Victoria, Australia

"I was definitely right to invest my money in your services. I won’t hesitate to recommend you.” -- David Taverne, migrated from France to Perth, Australia 

Commonwealth Immigration is registered with the UK government and is an affiliated member of the Migration Institute of Australia.  And what makes Teaching Australia Ebook truly special is that it is based on the real life experiences of real life people who have used Commonwealth Immigration to launch their teaching careers in Australia.


What You Need to Know About Teaching

Teaching Australia Ebook provides detailed information on the specific educational topics you care most about:

  • Studying to Become a Teacher in Australia (Chapter 6) – Teaching in Australia is a well-respected career.  Learn about educational prerequisites and requirements and where to get training at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 
  • Registering As a Teacher (Chapter 2)Each state in Australia has its own requirements and procedures for teacher registration and certification.  Learn what is necessary and obtain detailed information on the process.
  • Employment as a Teacher (Chapter 3):  There is a broad range of opportunities for teaching in Australia.  Learn about teaching at the primary and secondary levels, the difference between full-time posts, short term contracts and relief positions, and the benefits of public vs. private school positions, and get links to current vacancies so you’ll know who is currently recruiting...and where. 
  • Salary Levels (Chapter 4)Many factors influence the pay scale of someone who is teaching in Australia.  Learn how the level of teaching experience and the type of position can affect salary and what the different pay scales are in various states and territories.


What You Need to Know About Immigration

With its sun-kissed beaches, cosmopolitan cities, and quiet coastal towns, Australia is a magnet for people around the world who seek to relocate to its shores.  But Australia’s immigration policy is a strict one...unless you are a teacher. 

That’s because all types of teachers -- pre-school, primary and secondary -- are included on Australia’s Skilled Occupation’s List (SOL.).  The SOL is a government tool for selecting skilled people to fill their shortages across the country, and teachers are currently in short supply.

So if you are in currently employed as a pre-school, primary or secondary teacher, Australia is eager to have you.  The country is also welcoming to people interested in becoming teachers.

But even if you are an in-demand teacher or a teacher-in-training, your experience will be easier if you know how to navigate the immigration system.  That’s where the free Teaching Australia Ebook comes in

  • Australian Visas (Chapter 5): Australia issues a wide range of visas based on various criteria including age, occupation, qualifications, work experience, etc.  Learn about the differences between temporary and permanent visas and the application process. Regularly updated with immigration regulation changes.  
  • Australia Area Guide (Chapter 8): Australia is a wonderfully diverse country, offering something for everyone.  Learn about Australia’s six states and two territories so you can pick the location that best suits you.
  • Relocation Advice (Chapter 7): Relocation can be difficult, even if you’re just moving down the street from one flat to another.  When you’re moving to a new country, government regulations add a new level of stress.  Learn about taxation, banking, the cost of living and other topics of concern to new immigrants and what you can do to take the worry out of your journey. 

Up-to-minute information is critical when you’re thinking about teaching jobs in Australia. At the top of the list of ‘must have’ details is the latest news regarding immigration legislation and policy.

That’s why when you download the Teaching Australia Ebook, you’ll automatically be subscribed to our immigration newsletter. It will keep you up to date with changes to immigration regulations as and when they happen.

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