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• Chapter1 - Overview of Teaching in Australia.

• Chapter 2 - Registering As a Teacher.

Each state in Australia has its own requirements and procedures for teacher registration and certification. Learn what is necessary and obtain detailed information on the process

• Chapter 3 - Employment as a Teacher.

There is a broad range of opportunities for teaching in Australia. Learn about teaching at primary and secondary levels, the difference between full-time posts, short term contracts and relief positions, and the benefits of public vs. private school positions and how to access current vacancies so you’ll know who is currently recruiting...and where.

• Chapter 4 - Salary Levels.

Many factors influence the pay scale of someone who is teaching in Australia. Learn how the level of teaching experience and the type of position can affect salary and what the different pay scales are in various states and territories, as well as where the best salaries are available.

• Chapter 5 - Australian Visas.

Australia issues a wide range of visas based on various criteria including age, occupation, qualifications, work experience, etc. Learn the difference between temporary and permanent visas and the process to apply. Advice on the Points Test and State Migration Plans. Regularly updated with immigration regulation changes.

• Chapter 6 - Studying to Become a Teacher in Australia.

Teaching in Australia is a well-respected career. Learn about educational prerequisites and requirements and where to get training at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

• Chapter 7 - Relocation Advice.

Relocation can be difficult, even if you’re just moving down the street from one flat to another. When you’re moving to a new country, government regulations add a new level of stress. Learn about taxation, banking, the cost of living and other topics of concern to new immigrants and what you can do to take the worry out of your journey.

• Chapter 8 - Australia Area Guide.

Australia is a wonderfully diverse country, offering something for everyone. Learn about Australia’s six states and two major mainland territories so you can pick the location that best suits you.

• Questions and Answers.

A selection of some of the most common questions (with answers) regularly asked by teachers looking to move to Australia.

• List of websites and other information sources.

A fully comprehensive list of all the relevant information sources to make your move a reality. Regularly updated and contains highly specific information.